Silviu Bujoreanu has developed a sculptural activity, initially collaborating on projects transposition as modeler specialist (Plastic Integrated Fund). Afterwards, he stood out by individual creation and as a professor in the art environmental education. He debuts trough an analytical realism, with shades of expressive-stylistic potential in several phases. The figurative landing approaches social-historic subjects, or portraits; the nonfigurative, express sometimes metaphorical connotations (the Red Meteorite 1968). He adapts elements specific to the  visual  Japanese expression (Living Vigil – Night Vigil).
Elena Mihuț


(Fălciu, Vaslui, 1928)

Academic Studies:
1948 - 1950 - Art Institute with Ion Irimescu, Iasi;
1950 - 1951, 1955 - 1958 - Institute of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" with Cornel Medrea and Constantin Baraschi, Bucharest;
1970 - 1990 - professor at the School of Art "N. Tonitza ", Bucharest.


Group exhibitions:
1954 - Annual Exhibition of the Artists Union, Artists' Union Gallery, Iași;
1955 - Annual exhibition devoted to portraits, Plastic Artists Union Gallery, Iași;
1958 - Institute of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition, Bucharest;
1962, 1963, 1964 - Annual Exhibition, Art Museum of the Socialist Republic of Romania and the Dalles Hall, Bucharest;
1967 - The 60th anniversary. 1907 - 1967, Simu Museum, Bucharest;
1968 – Biennial of Plastic arts, Dalles, Bucharest.


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