She builds monumental sculptures or heroic reliefs in a realist vocabulary, conferring dynamism and force to the epic of the group scenes, taking inspiration especially from the historical context of the autochthonous medievalism. The non-figurative level is grasped with a special attention to the expressivity and equilibrium of the volumes, obtained, when required, by speculating the suggestion of movement. Her plastic art (small or oversized) is made from traditional media. 
Elena Mihuț



    (Timișoara, 1922 - Arad, 1996)

    Academic studies:
    The Institute of Fine Arts, with professor Constantin Baraschi, Bucharest.
    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Group exhibitions:
    From 1955 she takes part in all the county, regional and inter-regional exhibitions of the Plastic Artists Union;
    1971 - Békéscsaba, Hungary;
    1989 – Zrenjanin Gallery, Yugoslavia.

    Monumental works:
    The alphorn, Buteni Community Centre, Arad.


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