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        Radu Aftenie is mainly attracted to stone and wood. He manages to transform these raw materials / feed stocks into sculptural forms with a broad register of expressions. He treats the human being as a reality necessary to his discourse on world and this is why he constantly recurs to human being, approaching it from different points of view. Sometimes tempted by a metaphorical construction, the sculptor emphasises one motif or another, which becomes the dominant of the whole composition. In most of his works, the dialogue between man and environment implies a serious note, the human forms being distinguished due to a dramatic effort, finally being translated in space through a game of sculptural continuities and discontinuities.
Constantin Prut



    (Bucharest, Romania, 1936)

    Higher Education:
    1956 - 1962 - Institute of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu", with professor Cornel Medrea, București, România;
    1963 - 1965 - "Frederic Storck" National Sculpture Scholarship.

    Member of Romanian Fine Arts Union


    Solo Exhibitions*:

    1963 - "Simu" Museum, București, România;
    1964 - "Ministry of Culture" Gallery, București, România;
    1971 - "Simeza" Gallery (sculpture and drawing), București, România;
    1976 - The National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
    1979 - Contemporary Art Museum, Galați, România;
    1981 - Contemporary Art Museum, Galați, România;
    1982 - "Orizont" Gallery, București, România;
             - "Dalles" Art Gallery, București, România;
    1983 - Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, România;
    1984 - The National Museum of Art of Romania, București, România;
    1986 - Municipal Museum, Piteşti, România;
    1987 - "Orizont" Gallery, București, România;
    1992 -  "Apollo" Gallery, București, România;
    1993 - "Orizont" Gallery, București, România;
    1997 - The Art Gallery from Medgidia, Constanța, România;
    1999 - The Art Gallery of "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, București, România;
    2000 - "Apollo" Gallery, București, România;
    2001 - "Simeza" Gallery, București, România;
    2002 - "Anya Tish" Gallery, Huston, Texas, USA;
    2009, 2012 - The Art Gallery of the Romanian Fine Arts Union from Sibiu;
    2012 - Radu Aftenie. Sculpture, Graphic Arts, Brukenthal Palace, Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, România.
    Group Exhibitions**:
    1967 - "Simeza" Gallery, București, România;
             - National Art Exhibition The Revolutionary Year 1848, "Dalles" Gallery, București, România;
    1968 - "Simeza" Gallery, București, România;
    1969 - "Dalles" Art Gallery, București, România;
             - Romanian Art, Tel Aviv, Israel;
             - Romanian Art, Titograd (Podgorica), Yugoslavia;
             - Romanian Art, Warsaw, Poland;
             - Romanian Art, Rijeka, Croatia;
    1970 - The International Exhibition The Victory over Fascism, Warsaw, Poland;
    1973 - "Frederich Schiller" Gallery, București, România;
    1974 - The National Museum of Art of Romania, București, România;
             - The Romanian Army in Fine Arts, "Dalles" Art Gallery, București, România;
    1975 - Artists during Women's International Year, Palace of the Parliament, București, România;
    1976 - The Art Gallery of Romanian Athenaeum, București, România;
             - The International "Contest of Portraits", Paris, France;
    1977 - The National Exhibition Romanian Peasants, "Dalles" Art Gallery, București, România;
    1979 - Romanian Sculpture Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria;
             - Arts and crafts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
    1980 - 2050 Years From the Establishment of the Kingdom of Dacia, The National Museum of Art of Romania, București, România;
    1981 - Mother and Child, "Dalles" Art Gallery, București, România;
             - Sculpture and Tapestry, itinerant exhibition, Berlin, Germany;
    1982 - "Dalles" Art Gallery, București, România;
    1984 - Romanian Art Exhibition, Jerusalem, Israel.
    Sculpture Symposiums: 

    1972 - Măgura, Buzău, România;
    1977 - Muzeul de Sculptură, Burgàs, Bulgaria;
    1979 - Măgura, Buzău, România;
    1980 - Măgura, Buzău, România;
    1988 - Săliște, Sibiu, România;
    2003, 2004, 2006 - International Art Symposium, Blaj, Alba, România;
    2006 - Cogealac, Constanța, România.
    Monumental sculptures:

    1972 - Vasile Lucaciu, bust, Oradea, Bihor, România;
             - Heroica, Măgura, Buzău, România;
    1980 - Burebista, Măgura, Buzău, România;
    1983 - Mircea Eliade, portret, Toronto, Ontario, Canada;
    1984 - Gheorghe Lazăr, monument, Sibiu, România;
    1989 - Mircea cel Bătrân, The National Military Museum, București, România;
    1991 - Heroes Monument, Săveni, Botoșani, România;
             - Dan Gavriliu and Aurel Denischi, busts, University Emergency Hospital, Bucureşti, România;
    1993 - Lucian Blaga, monument, Theoretical High School "Lucian Blaga", București, România;
             - Onisifor Ghibu, The National Library of Moldova, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova;
             - Martyrs' Monument, Maramureș, România;
    1996 - Glory to the Romanian Soldier, Cluj-Napoca, România;
    1997 - The Infantry Monument, București, România;
    2000 - Gheorghe D. Anghel, bust, "Pasărea" Monastery, Brănești, Ilfov, România;
    2010 - D. D. Roșca, bust, Săliște, Sibiu, România;
    2013 - Avram Iancu, bust, Sibiu, România.
    Awards and Prizes:
    1977 - International Prize for The Sun Time / Timpul soarelui, monumental sculpture in Burgàs, Bulgaria;
    1992 - Certificate of Inclusion in "The International Who’s Who of Intellectuals", International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK;
    1992 - 1993, 1997 - He was declared International Man of the Year by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, UK;
    1994 - "Medal for the efforts towards the spiritual enrichment of the International Community", from the International Circle of the Accomplished People, having its headquarters in North Carolina, California, USA;
    1996 - Awarded with the title "Honorary Citizen of Cluj-Napoca", România;

    *Solo Exhibitions: 2010 - Râmnicu Vâlcea, România.
    **Group Exhibitions: from 1969 - he participates in the official exhibitions organised in Romania; 2010 - Sibiu, România; 2012 - Râmnicu Vâlcea, România.


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