He chooses an art in which realist observation applies to a material given by history or by the contemporary realities. A good portraitist, he is also attracted by the heroic-monumental composition where the figures have symbolic functions. In his style, with the reality being constantly represented, he made a series of works destined for public spaces.

Constantin Prut



    (Lipnic, 1922 - 1988)

    Academic studies:
    1946 – Academy of Fine Arts, Iaşi.


    Group exhibitions:
    since 1946 – he takes part in official salons.

    Monumental works:
    1955 – Steel workers, Reşiţa, Caraș-Severin;
    1956 - Ciprian Porumbescu, Stupca, Suceava;
    1962 – Sports group, Mamaia, Constanța;
    1966 – The tennis player, Parcul Dinamo, Bucharest;
    1969 - Avram Iancu, Brad, Hunedoara;
             - Science, Bacău;
             - Monument 1907, Obor Square, Bucharest.

    1969 – Prize for monumental art by the Plastic Artists Union;
             - Prize of the State Committee for Culture and Art.
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