GRUȘEVSCHI, Irina-Daniela


        Daniela Gruşevschi belongs to a generation attracted by experimentalism. This opening to new ways of expressions develops into a modern vision on tapestry, and then on a series of installations and happenings. Since the beginning she imprints the pieces of tapestry a certain special allure. Some woks require the artist to be present (see The labyrinth exhibited at „Experiment...” din 1997). 

Corina Teacă




    Academic studies:
    1971 - „Ion Mincu” Institute of architecture, Bucharest.
    since 2007 – Member of the Plastic Artists Union


    Solo exhibitions:
    1971 – Spatial tapestry, „Ion Mincu” Institute of architecture, Bucharest;
    1974 – Tradition and innovation, Museum of the Village, Bucharest;
    1979 – Textile structures, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    2005 - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest.

    Group exhibitions:
    1985 – International Biennale, Sao Paolo, Brazil;
    1991 - Book, Museum of Collections, Bucharest; 
    1991 – Romanian contemporary tapestry, Museum of visual arts, Galaţi;
    1997 - Experiment in the Romanian art after 1969 (catalogue).

    1997 – Art and ecology, Bucharest.

    2003 – Prize by the Plastic Artists union for Textile Art.


    Hostiuc, Costin, Meditație cathartică, „Observator cultural”, nr. 161, martie 2003.

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