Doru Andrii has no complexes in front of the material he uses in order to communicate an idea, an attitude, or a momentary state. A stone of black granite from the street pavement, a piece of wood or of marble may become under his gouge an ebony-like torso, the face of a nubile adolescent, a sleeping muse. Actually, in every small block of marble there is a possible masterpiece. The young sculptor senses it with the frenzy of the vital energies and with the delicacy of the one who is always searching for something and what he really searches for is himself. The volume has always the coherence and the refinement of the proportions practised for a long time through known numerical ratios, to which the joy of discovering through expression the spirit's intangible movements is added. Doru Andrii belongs to a new generation of sculptors coming from and educated in Iași, modern and detached, educated and pragmatic, worthy to take part to the fight for value, a necessary battle in order to be integrated with dignity in the present and future European art.
Valentin Ciucă, A Century of Fine Arts in Iassy (Art XXI Publishing House, 2004)



    (Iaşi, 1964; present: he lives and works in Italy)

    Higher Education:
    1996 - "George Enescu" Art Academy, Sculpture Department, with professor Dan Covătaru, Iași, Romania;
    1996 - 1997 - Bergakademie Neuhaus, Freiburg, Germany.


    *study journeys and group exhibitions in Wolfsberg, Germany
    Group Exhibitions:

    1996 - Autumn Exhibition, Iaşi (debut);
    1996 - 2000 - Arad Art Biennale.
    Sculpture Symposiums: 

    2000 - Bad Kisingen, Germany.
    Awards and Prizes:
    1997 - Premiul pentru Sculptură acordat de „Asociaţia Artiştilor Profesionişti”;
    1998 - Salonul Tineretului, Iaşi.
    Awards and Prizes:
    1997 - Prize for Sculpture awarded by “Professional Artists ‘s Association”
    1998 - Salon of the Young, Iaşi.


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