Representative of concrete art and an avant-garde artist among the trans-avant-garde artists, Ingo Glass has disseminated his works along the Danube space. Possessed by the shapes of the square, of the circle and ot the triangle, as well as by the primary colours, he re-composes the visible universe, reducing it to its essence. He “re-writes” the history of modern art by the means of sculpture, in a continuous fight with any void shape. He cuts and combines with the precision of a geometrist and, most importantly, he strongly believes in a world purified by every illusion, in which all eyes must be above, looking at the sky.

Luiza Barcan



    (Timişoara, 1941; since 1979 he moves to Germany, la München)

    Academic studies:
      - Academia of arts „Ion Andreescu”, with Artur Vetro, Cluj-Napoca.

    Founder of the Museum of Visual art in Galaţi.
    Initiator of the National Salon of small sculpture in Bucharest.

    since 1980 – Member of the Plastic Artists Union in München, Germany
    since 1991 – Honorary member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Solo exhibitions:
    1964 – House of the universitaries, Cluj-Napoca;
    1968 – Museum of Modern and Contemporary art in Galaţi;
    1974 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    1980 – Glaub Gallery, Köln, Germany;
    1982 - Stadtmuseum, München, Germany;
    1985 - Museum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Germany;
    1991 - Edwin Scharf Museum, Germany;
    1996 - Galerie der Künstergidle, Esslingen, Germany;
             - National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest;
    1997 - Malura-Museum, Oberdieben, Bayern, Germany;
    1998 - Alex Gallery, Washington D.C., USA;
    2001 - Donauschwabisches Zentralmuseum, Ulm, Germany;
    2003 - Floor ¾ Gallery, Bucharest national theatre, Bucharest;
    2007 - „Emilia Suciu” Gallery, Ettlingen, Germany.

    Group exhibitions:
    1968 - Mexico-City, Mexico;
    1974 - Versailles, France;
    1983 – International exhibition of small plastic at Osaka, Japan;
    1984 - München, Germany;
    1988 - Cairo, Egypt;
    1990 - ARTEROMA (Salon of modern and contemporary art in Rome), Italy;
    1996 - Goethe Institut, Budapeste, Hungary;
    2000 - „Kunstachse Aisch 2000”, Villa Toscana, Italy;

    1975 - 1975 - Bow, Sf. Gheorghe, Covasna;
    1976 – Camp of sculpture in metal, Galaţi;
             - International symposium „Eisen und Stahl”, Südsthal, Mertingen, Germany;
    1984 – International symposium „Aluminium”, Gartner Firm, Gundelfingen, Germany;
    1986 - Kleinsassen, Rhön, Germany;
    1989 - Symposium of Systematic Constructive Art, Madrid, Spain;
    1994 - Baia Mare, Maramureş;
             - Tescani, Bacău;
    1995 - Symposium für Konkrete Kunst, Oklulinka, Poland;
    2000 - Gmunder Symposium Internationale Graphik III, Villa Toscana, Gmunden, Austria.

    Monumental works:
    1969 - Sculpture, University in Galaţi;
    1971 – Space object, Hotel in Târgoviște, Dâmbovița;
    1974 – Mural relief, Tel Aviv, Israel;
    1975 – Gothic construction, Arcuș, Covasna;
    1980 – Monumental structure, Oberhausen, Germany;
    1982 – Gothic overture, Alter Botanischer Garten, München, Germany;
    1991 - Opening, Timișoara;
    1993 - Positive-negative, Südstahl-Mertingen, Germany;
    1996 - Monument DADA, Moineşti, Bacău.
    1966 – 1st prize at the Spring festival, Cluj-Napoca;
    1981 – Grant of München, Germany;
    1985 - prize „Lovis Corinth” by the German Ministry of Internal Affairs;
    1986 – Prize for sculpture by the Brâncuşi Foundation in Montreal, Canada;
    1993 - Prize „Ionel Jianu” by the Romanian-American Academy of Art, Los Angeles, USA;
    1995 – Prize for art by Danube Swabians offered by the land Baden-Württemberg, Germany;
    2004 – Order for Cultural Merit with the rank