Master of the sculpture in stone, Petre Grăjdeanu creates a unique universe of shapes that come from both the abstract and the figurative. His figurative sculpture simplifies and essentializes the anatomic form until it reduces it to massive silhouettes, with a strong carving, displaying a secret humanity, visible only to the artist’s eye. 

Luiza Barcan



    (Ghindăreşti, Constanţa, 1937)
    Academic studies:
     - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Plastic Arts, with Ilica Veturia and Marin Iliescu, Bucharest.
    Member of the Plastic Artists Union, Constanţa branch


    Solo exhibitions:
    1974 - Workshop 35, Galeria Orizont, Bucharest;
    2012 – with Gheorghe Constantin (painting),  Art Museum in Constanţa;
             - Motive of Family, with Oana Sfetcu (painting), Ion Nicodim Gallery, Mamaia, Constanța.
    Group exhibitions:
     - most of the county salons (Bucharest şi Constanţa) and the republican salons, as well as the group exhibitions of the sculptors;
    1970 – Spring Salon, Bucharest;
             - County Exhibition, Constanţa;
    1974 - Workshop 35, Bucharest;
    1975 - County Exhibition, Constanţa and Tulcea;
    1976 - County Exhibition, Constanţa and Tulcea;
    1977 - County Exhibition, Iaşi;
    1979 - County Exhibition, Cluj-Napoca;
    1984 - Odessa, Ukraine;
    1998 - Yokohama, Japan;
    2006 – Islands of affective memory, Art Museum in Constanţa;
    2007 – Our group, Museum of Art in Constanţa;
    2008 - Vega Art Project, Hotel Vega, Mamaia, Constanța;
             - National Salon of Art, Constantin Brâncuşi Gallery, Parliament Palace, Bucharest.
    Monumental works:
    1974 - Solidarity, Orşova Nouă, Constanţa;
    1978 – Meanders and snow breakers, Măgura, Buzău;
             - Five dragons for the artificial fountain, Constanţa;
    1984 - Veteran, Odessa, Ukraine;
    1998 - Ferility, Yokohama, Japan.
    1978 - Măgura, Buzău;
    1996 - Râmnicu Vâlcea;
     - Moreni, Dâmbovița;
     - Reşiţa, Caraș-Severin;
    2002 - Techirghiol, Constanţa.
    2012 – Prize for the entire activity by UAPR Constanţa branch 1 at the Annual Salon of visual arts.
    Grigorescu, Ion, text of solo exhibition catalogue, 1974.
    Păuleanu, Doina, text of exhibition Islands of affective memory, 2006.
    Păuleanu, Doina, text of solo exhibition catalogue, 


    Grigorescu, Ion, textul catalogului expoziţiei personale, 1974.
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