LASZLO, Feher 





         Feher Laszlo develops a decorative sculpture in which the contemporaneity finds its sense in fatasy expresions, with strong ludic insertions. The artistic universe of the artist sends to somniloquence in wich the reality elements are combining in the most suggestive ways.

Andra Miruna Stancu (Mirela Dăuceanu)




    Academic Studies:
    Faculty of Arts and Design, University of the West, Timişoara.


    Solo exhibitions:
    2012 - Welcome Home, Mall Mures, Tirgu Mures;
             - Hide & Seek, Cărtureşti Library, Cluj-Napoca;
    2013 - Post allegory, 030202 Workshop, Bucharest.

    * Group exhibitions:
    2007 - Autumn Salon, House of Culture, Szekelyudvarhely Harghita;
    2008 - Exhibition of sketches, the Library Gallery, Szekelyudvarhely Harghita;
             - Autumn Salon, House of Culture, Szekelyudvarhely Harghita;
    2009 - Juventus Awards, Triad Gallery, Timişoara;
             - Helios Gallery, Timişoara;
    2010 - 40th anniversary of the School of Art "Imre Pallo" Szekelyudvarhely Harghita;
             - Nod, Business Centre, Timisoara;
             - BegaBulevard, Timişoara;
             - Chestnuts festival, Baia Mare, Maramures;
    2011 - Attic Gallery, Timişoara;
             - Start Off, Matei House, Cluj-Napoca;
    2012 - Defining the material, UNArte Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Spring Exhibition, Art Gallery Delta, Arad;
    2013 - Four speeches, Pygmalion Gallery, Timişoara;
             - Four speeches, Delta Art Gallery, Arad
             - Group 21, Art Gallery Delta, Arad.

    Symposia, workshops:
    2008 - 2010 - Participation in the project Otegtaj;
    2010 - International stone Symposium Hodora, Iaşi;
    2010 - Hungarian Theatre Workshop in Timişoara.

    2007 – 3rd Place, National Competition Graphics, Braila;
             - Degree of discretion, IV Royal Courts;
    2010 - Diploma of Excellence, International Symposium stone Hodora, Iaşi.

    * also exhibited in: 2009 - Hamburg, Germany.