KOCSIS, Rudolf




Loc. Mândruloc, nr. 1/K, cod. 317408,
Jud. Arad




        Sculptor concerned with the position of this type/ artistic environment towards other domains of volume and tangible material exploitation as spatialized reality, in the context of a border and identity dissolution aesthetics between the artistic object and the usual one, which can be integrated to the aesthetic experience only by significant changes. He dedicated the ‘90s, a long cycle of wood work, a traditional material to the representation of some trivial objects, replicating by a complex “duchampien” aesthetics irony of the object deconstruction by appealing to the “ready-made”. The most recent works are referring to the human body as an object and reformed by geometric and allusive symbolic reductions. Quoted elements from the universal symbolism repertoire – the sun, the eye – are governing the signification regime, restoring the relationship with the connotative fields, beyond the autonomic tensions of the purist formalism. His program, working with a figurative mimic mockery or with symbolic reductionism is polemic.

Alexandra Titu



    (Chișinău - Criș, Arad, 1963)

    Academic studies:
    1984 - 1988 - Conservatory "George Enescu", Faculty of Fine Arts, specializing in sculpture, Iaşi;
    2002 - School for Master and PhD at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs, Hungary; titlul tezei Scope and sculpture, scientifically leader - Professor Emeritus, sculptor István Bencsik; thesis was published in book form in Hungarian "Tárgy és szobrászat" Idea Design & Print Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2002;
    Romanian translation the Object and the Sculpture, edited by Triad Foundation, Timisoara, 2003;
    2003 - Degree of Doctor of Liberal Arts equated PhD in visual arts.

    Professional Experience:
    1988 - 1990 - Fine Arts Union at the "Marble" Simeria, Hunedoara;
    1990 - 1999 - Sculpture-drawing teacher at the School of Art "Sabin Dragoi" Arad;  
    1996 - 1999 – Activates on payment under time West University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Sculpture;
    din 1999 - Programs Director at the Faculty of Fine Arts, specializing in sculpture.
                   - Regular Teacher at West University, Faculty of Arts (sculpture) 1999 Lecturer, Associate in 2008.
    Member of arts organizations:
    From 1996 - Member of the board of the Union of Artists Arad Branch;
    From 1991 - Member of Fine Arts Union of Romania, Arad branch;
    From 1995 - Member of the International Association of Professional Artists (AIAP - Paris);
    From 1999 - Member of the collecting society of copyright in the visual arts - VISARTA;
    From 2013 - Member of the National Commission for public monuments.


    Solo Exhibitions:
    1988 - Trianon Gallery, Union of Artists, Iaşi;
    1990 - Art Gallery, Union of Artists, Arad;
    1991 - symbole, Ildikó Gallery Risse, Weßling, Germany;
    1993 - Gallery Helios, Union of Artists, Timişoara;
    - Fine Arts Union Gallery, Oradea, Bihor;
    1994 - Art Gallery, Museum of Art, St. George, Covasna;
    1995 - Hungarian Cultural Centre, Bucharest;
    1996 - Traces, National Delta Gallery, Union of Artists, Arad;
              - Slovak Institute, Bucharest;
    1997 – Recovery of the Kitsch, First Gallery, Timisoara;
    1999 - Museum of Ferenc Erkel, Dürer room, Gyula, Hungary;
    2001 - De Familie, 28 Gallery, Timișoara;
    2002 - Fragments, Melnikow Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany;
    2004 - Object and sculpture gallery Interart Triad Foundation, Timişoara;
              - Meetings, Slovak Institute in Budapest, Hungary;
    2005 - Contrasts, Corvin János Museum, Dürer room, Gyula, Hungary.
    2007 - Fingerprints, Calina Gallery, Timişoara;
             - Jelen Gallery, Arad;
              - Artists of Arad City Museum Agadir, Morocco;
    2009 - 3xArad, Plzeň Gallery, Plzeň, Czech Republic;
    2010 - Contacts, Gallery Mezotur, Mezőtúr, Hungary;
    2013 - Traces 50, retrospective exhibition, Museum of Art, Arad.
    Group and collective exhibitions (selection):
    1988 - Biennial of Painting and Sculpture, Dalles, Bucharest;
              - Small Sculpture Biennale, Art Gallery, Arad;
    1989 - 2013 - Salon of Art, Arad;
    1990 - Plastic Artists Union Branch Békéscsaba Arad, Hungary;
    1991 - Biennial of Small Sculpture in bronze, Horizon Gallery, Bucharest;
              - Medium 2, Sf Gheorghe, Covasna;
    1992 - exhibition Earth, Art Museum, Timisoara;
             - Art of the 80's, Museum of Art, Arad;
    1993 - exhibition Fondazione Sinaide Ghi, Rome, Italy;
              - The Second International Exhibition of Graphics, Győr, Hungary;
              - International Sculpture Biennale, Toyamura, Japan;
    1993, 1994 - International Exhibition of Miniature, Stockholm, Sweden;
    1994 - Art Unlimited srl, Museum of Art, Arad;
              - Medium 3 St. George, Covasna;
              - 01010101 ... exhibition, the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest;
              - Rabbit exhibition, Hungarian Cultural Center, Bucharest;
              - The Third International Biennial, Sculptor Drawing, Budapest, Hungary;
              - 100 X exhibition, Plastic Artists Union Gallery, Targu-Mures
              - Group exhibition "81 Romanian Cultural Center, Vienna, Austria;
    1995 - The Tree, the third edition of the National Gallery Delta, Arad;
             - Confessions about the line Vigadó Gallery, Budapest, Hungary;
    - Oriens' 95 Békéscsaba, Hungary;
    - Twelfth International Biennial of Small Sculpture, Murska Sobota, Slovenia;
    1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003 - Drawing Biennial National Exhibition, National Art Gallery Delta, Arad;
    1996 - Twelfth International Biennial of Drawing, Cleveland, USA;
    1996, 1998, 2000, 2002 - National Exhibition of Small Sculpture Biennial, National Art Gallery Delta, Arad;
    1997 – the 5th Triennial of young talent, Charleroi, Belgium;
             - Freedom of movement County Museum, Nasaud;
             - Plastic Artists Union Arad Branch Kaposvar, Hungary; 
             - Plastic Artists Union Branch, Arad to Oradea Cris Museum, Bihor; 
             - Pro Arts Banat Salon, the Museum of Art Timisoara; 
    1998 - Arad Plastic Artists Union Branch in Rimini, Italy; 
            - Central European Artists Association Exhibition "Fényműhely" Pince Gallery, Budapest, Hungary; 
             - Om - Man - Ember, County Museum, Nasaud;
    1998, 2002, 2005 - International Mini-Print Triennial, Tokyo, Japan;
    1999 - "Ten" Group exhibition Romanian Cultural Centre, Budapest, Hungary; 
             - teachers Exhibition from the Faculty of Arts Timişoara Romanian Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary;
    2000 - Arad branch of the Union of Artists Exhibition, Forum für Kunst, Heidelberg, Germany;
             - Ritual for the thirst of the land, National Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti", Bucharest;
    2000 - 2013 - Exhibition of Visual Arts, Timisoara;
    2001 - Itinerance, Espace Belleville, Paris, France;
             - Brancusi’s Paradigm topicality, Interart Triad Foundation Gallery, Timişoara;
             - International Art Biennial, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates;
             - International Triennial of Small Sculpture, Murska Sobota, Slovenia;
             - International Festival of Graphic Arts, Cluj-Napoca;
    2002 - Homunculus exhibition, Gallery Melnikow, Heidelberg, Germany;
    2003 - Madonna exhibition, Gallery Melnikow, Heidelberg, Germany;
    2004 - Sculpture 40 Great Hall, Plastic Artists Union Gallery, Cluj-Napoca;
             - International Quadrennial sculpture, European Space, Riga, Latvia;
    2004, 2005 - Art without Borders Exhibition (Project Phare CBC), Art Gallery, Orosháza, Hungary;
    2005 - XXXIV Biennale ALFFÖLDI Tarle, Munkácsy Mihály Museum-Békéscsaba, Hungary;
             - International Biennial of Art, Arad;
    2006 - Scene and / in Visual Arts, National Theatre, Timişoara;
             - Eastern Neighbors-Romania, Babel Cultural Center, Utrecht, Netherlands;
    2007 - Romanian contemporary sculpture, Ianchelevici Museum, La Wallonie, Belgium;
    2007, 2009, 2011 - Meeting Point International Art Biennial, Arad.
    Monumental art works:  
    1992 - Pieta (Stone), Eel Catholic Church, Arad;
    1996 - Sign (Stone), Hospital Park in Cluj, Cluj-Napoca
             - Legend (stone) Zalkod City Hall Park, Hungary;
    2000 - Sign (marble), hotel spa "Diamond" Dudince, Slovakia
    2001 - Moise Nicoară (bust, bronze) "Moses Nicoară" School Arad;
    2002 - St. Ladislaus (bust, artificial stone), Hall Zalkod, Hungary;
             - Csiky Gergely (bust, artificial stone) school group "Csiky Gergely" Arad;
    2003 - 200 years of Slovak settlement Nădlac (relief, bronze), the Evangelical Church facade Nădlac Arad;
    2005 - Sign for the Triads (marble) sculpture park "Nursery Triads", Timisoara.  
    2008 - Fabian Gabor (bust, bronze, 90cm / h), base reddish andesite (180cm / h), Reformed Church, Arad (center);
    2009 - St. Gisela (bust, bronze, 80cm / h), base reddish andesite (160cm / h), the Catholic Church, Gai, Arad;
             - Aurel Cosma (bust, bronze, 80 cm / h) granite pedestal (160 cm / h), Central Park, Timisoara;
             - Mihai Godo (bust, bronze, 100 cm / h), base reddish andesite (160cm / h), the Catholic Church Dorobanţi, Arad;
    2010 - Pieta, stone composition (210 cm / h), Schwarzenthonhausen, Germany;
    2012 - 200 years of the cornerstone of the Evangelical Church in Nădlac (non-figurative composition, bronze, 100 cm / h), base reddish andesite (160cm / h) Nădlac Arad;
            - Salacz Gyula (bust, bronze, 90cm / h), base reddish andesite (170cm / h), Arad.

    1999 - Plastic Artists Union of Romania Prize for Sculpture;     
             - ART Award Foundation for Sculpture in Constanta (for works exhibited at the "Annual Exhibition of Art", Arad);
    2000 - Artists Union Award, Arad branch carving (for works exhibited at the "Annual Exhibition of Art", Arad).
    2005 - Lajos Kelemen Award "Kós Károly" for restoration, Association of Cluj-Napoca;
             - Hungarian Ministry of Culture Award for papers presented at the exhibition XXXIV Alfold Tarla - Békéscsaba, Hungary;
    2007 - Award for Excellence in Visual Arts Section with the "Excellence Gala Arad" occasion, Third Edition;
    2008 - Restoring Award (Holy Trinity Arad), offered by Union of Artists Arad, Arad City Hall, Arad County Council.