EINHORN, Eduard Nicolae


(...) In the sculptural transposition he uses unconventional materials and builds installations producing luminous and smoke effects in parallel with projecting images of the human body on a screen. He accesses Christian symbols that he interprets in a personal vision. Thus his sculpture becomes, as well remarked Valentin Ciucă, „an event, a show where he associates pyrotechnical effects and other elements of media language”. (...)

Corneliu Stoica in The dictionary of plastic artists from Galati (2013)



    (Galați, 1978)
    Academic studies:
    1999 - 2004 – Faculty of Informatics and Design;
    2002 – National University of Arts, Sculpture department, class of professor Napoleon Tiron, Bucharest.

    Professional activity:
    Designer at the Eastern Europe - Real Estate Directory Centre, Bucharest.


    Group exhibitions:
    2002 – National Theatre, Bucharest;
    2003 – Apollo Gallery, Bucharest.
    Cornliu Stoica, The dictionary of plastic artists from Galati, 2nd edition revised and completed, Axis Libri PH, Galaţi, 2013


    Cornliu Stoica, Dicționarul Artiștilor plastici Gălățeni, Ediţia a II-a revăzută şi întregită, Editura Axis Libri, Galaţi, 2013

    Surse web:
    Consiliul Județean Galați - Dunărea de Jos - Revista "Dunarea de  Jos”, nr 103 (http://www.ccdj.ro/files/103.pdf)