As soon as the artist discovers the mysteries of the material world – he attacks with the same interest the configuration in metal, stone, wood, earth, synthetic resins etc. –Matei Gaşpar identifies a series of ordinate elements, of imprints of rational principles. They are signs of formative tensions, usually taking the aspect of geometric expressions, strongly marking the separation from chaos, the unpredictable incongruence that reigned before the action of the sacred forces. (...)

Constantin Prut, Matter and spirit, in the Catalogue of the Exhibiiton Matrix (2011)            



    (1971, Oțelu-Roșu, Caraș-Severin)
    Academic studies:
    1990 - 1996 - „Ion Andreescu” Academy of visual arts, Cluj-Napoca.
    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


     Solo exhibitions:
    1994 - House „Matei Corvin”, Cluj-Napoca;
    1998 – Museum of Art, Timișoara;
    2004 - Cafe Papillon, Timișoara;
    2006 - Art Club, Timișoara;
             - Bank Italo-Romena, Bucharest;
    2008 - Signs. Images of time, Helios Gallery, Timișoara;
    2009 – Pygmalion Gallery, House of Arts, Timișoara;
             - Signs, Helios Gallery, Timișoara;
    2011 - Project Matrix, 2 exhibitions Attitudes and Tensions, Helios Gallery, Timișoara.

    Group exhibitions:
    1995 - Student Fest, Timișoara;
    1996 - Student Fest, Timișoara;
    1997 – Museum of Art, Negrești-Oaș;
             - Helios Gallery, Timișoara;
    1998 – National Biennale of Small Sculpture, Arad;
             - International Salon, Reșița;
    2005 – National Biennale of Drawing, Arad;
    2008 – Museum of Art, Arad;
    2009 - 20 years since the Romanian Revolution, AltArt Foundation;
             - Itinerant exhibition Homage to Eugen Ionescu;
             - 4 discourses, at the Biennale of Sculpture from Arad, Delta Gallery;
    2010 - Sign. Symbol, Romanian Cultural Centre, Budapest;
             - RE clay, interactive exhibition, pilot action in the series Crafts in urban, Museum of the Village Banat, Timișoara;
    2011 – Come with me in the birch wood, Museum of Art, Timișoara;
             - National Salon of Contemporary Art, Râmnicu Vâlcea;
             - Salons of Moldova, Exhibition-contest of contemporary plastic arts, 21th edition, Chișinău, Bacău;
             - National Biennale of Plastic Art „Lascăr Vorel”, 11th edition, Piatra Neamț;
             - international Biennale of Plastic Art Meeting Point, Arad;
             - Annual Salon of Art, Museum of Art, Timișoara;
             - National Biennale of Small Plastic Age of bronze, 2nd edition;
    2012 – Annual Salon of Art, Plastic Artists Union, Arad branch;
             - International Biennale of Miniature Art, 11th edition, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia;
             - International Festival Art and tradition in Europe, 3d edition, Iași;
    2012 – Salons of Moldova, Exhibition-contest of contemporary plastic arts, 22nd edition, Chișinău and Bacău;
             - Cross, theme exhibition, Golia Monastery, Iași;
    2013 – Annual Salon of Art, Plastic Artists Union, Arad branch.

    1995 – Symposium of Sculpture, Austria;
    2004 – International Symposium of Sculpture, Caransebeș-Teiuș;
    2006 – Symposium of Sculpture, Triade Gallery, Timișoara;
    2008 – Symposium of Painting, Bata, Arad.
    2011 – Special prize by the City-hall of Chişinău at Salons of Moldova, exhibition-contest of contemporary plastic arts, 21st edition, Chişinău and Bacău.
    Prut, Constantin, Matter and spirit, Catalogue of exhibition Matrix, Helios Gallery, Timișoara, 2011.


    Prut, Constantin, Materie și spirit, Catalogul Expoziției Matrice, Galeria Helios, Timișoara, 2011.