PĂULESCU, Cosmin Petru


          As a contemporary artist for whom "classic" genres and techniques continuously enter a dialogue with the new media, Cosmin Păulescu came out particularly as author of instalment created in mixed technique and as performer of a certain happening type of actions, with an obvious social message. Paying very much attention to the reality of today’s world, to the ideological slippages, the artist marks off the instalments with irony, playful spirit and mobility. Insofar as contemporary sculpture makes use of new, unconventional, materials, carrying a minimalist message, Cosmin Păulescu acts as a sculptor-performer, adding dynamism / movement to his works, considering them hybrid genres where  the flat surface coexists with the three dimensional form, the chromatic insertion with the ready-made object, the static form with characters in full motion.

Luiza Barcan (2014)