Marcel Scutaru, one of the most original characters in contemporary Romanian sculpture, has proven himself over time by his unmistakeable universe of reality selected forms that get to be transfigured through artistic intervention. These forms are not many, but they are striking and redundant / recurrent in his creation: the premises, the house, the cage, the bird, the cloistering / secluding space, the couple, the anthropomorphic character caught in extreme existential situations. Being very little attracted to the monumental, but rather to the workshop sizes of the works, the sculptor does not let himself to be intimidated by any sort of material, from the classic ones to the unconventional ones, to the ready-made objects. In this manner, Marcel Scutaru goes naturally to the classic techniques, modelling and carving, and he finds inexhaustible resources in instalment or in the three dimensional objects collage.

           Marcel Scutaru’s sculpture and instalment are equally balanced, without sudden leaps, between tradition and (Post)Modernity. He takes over religious themes, with clear / obvious allusions / hints at biblical characters, and he gets inspired from archetypal symbols, while remaining devoted to his times and sending subtle emotions to the sight.

Luiza Barcan (2014)