As a singular voice in the contemporary sculpture’s scenery, Ovidiu Simionescu is an artist of the essences, a poet of the three dimensional, an authentic / genuine thinker / theorist of the relations between form and the idea contained in the artwork. The sculptor’s approach is preceded and then accompanied by the one of an inspired and flawless sketcher. Ovidiu Simionescu is not a prolific artist, but his artworks are key pieces of any contemporary art gallery. Ethereal forms of characters detached from a fairy-tale world, with sagacious valences / facets from mythology and sacred books, intertwine in elegant arabesques in his drawing and sculpture. The sole character or the abundance of merged faces have the same power of simplicity. Between the medieval 
miniature manuscripts and the paintings of Chagall or Paul Klee, the flawless sketcher Ovidiu Simionescu traces a nonchalantly traversed link. The motif of the bird is often approached by the artist in various ways, from the live world retrieved motif that is purged by materiality, to the spirit-bird or the soul-bird from Balkan mythology. A general trait of Simionescu’s art could be defined as a real anatomical redemption.

Luiza Barcan (2014)