PURCARU, George Sorin




          The audible / resonating nature of Sorin Purcaru’s volumes intertwines with the spontaneous expression of the metallic design operated through the compositional intelligence and the cultivated talent. The playfulness of the young artist’s sculptures is invoked by the prospect of establishing their own mythology, in which each object becomes a character. The works are audible, just like the musical instruments that inspire them. The artist’s searches are on the verge of finding thematic and structural spaces closely related to the anthropomorphic sign. For the artist Sorin Purcaru’s own creative view there are both representative the series of works with wings granted to the theme of the Incubus, the set of sculptures dedicated to the spectacle of mirrors / mirroring, in which he aims to evanescently embed the viewer / receiver in the sculpture’s body through technique, and the series of works in which the geometry of musical instruments creates a dialogue with the body parts.
           The artist is especially attracted by the dialogue with metal, by the firmness of the wrought iron or stainless steel or by the mystical voice of copper.

Andreea Foanene (2014)