He organized his entire creative activity revolving around a major theme that he consistently pursued, not only on a conceptual level, but also regarding the formal dimension. Named by the artist the HUMAN project, his research, started when he was 24, was structured in twenty four stages, of two years each. The functioning method of the project was thoroughly premeditated, the artist establishing since its debut what would each stage entail. The concept of his approach is linked to questioning the functioning mechanisms of human nature and of the possibilities of human qualitative development. Graduate in painting at the University of Bucharest, Paleologu would exceed the limits imposed by this medium. The HUMAN project combines the two-dimensional representation with the volume one, both being marked by a type of plastic language derived from raw and primitive art. The anthropomorphic, stylized characters follow a constant prototype either transposed in small independent figures (Ciocănari), incised in marble tiles (Laboratory Sequence), or in reliefs in the form of narrative strips (The Quarry of Ash). He also worked monumental pieces, using fibre glass as material (7 Chairs on Which You Should Never Sit).

Maria Orosan Telea (2014)