The graphic designer and university professor Dragoş Pătraşcu has a fascination with trails and linear recurrences that gradually become ambience. In a “calli”-graphic manner, either two-dimensional or three-dimensional, the flow of energy through the path of lines, he created, apart from some embossed-collages made on his drawing desk, some mechanoidal harnesses, zoological hybrids from Brocante objects or Piranesian spatial clusters. All of the above led to the Baroque-surrealistic “objectual drawing” on I.C.R’s room stage in 2012. He also has in “the sphere” of his workroom the drawing-installation project inspired by the Parisian signage.
We take notice of the parietal-monumental performance of Dragoş Pătraşcu in a recreational area in Iaşi, The “Motor” Club, with two very elaborate objectual assemblages (in the years 2001, 2007). The passion for rare, antiquated pieces of bricolage - old industrial gears, mannequins, classical Bourgeois household items, scraped musical instruments, especially brass instruments - is, for him, fuelled by the acuteness of cutting and a compositional decision which seem to be initiatory craftsmanship.

Aurelia Mocanu (2014)