Sonia Natra is an artist whose complexity astounds through the profoundness of the ideas imagined in sculpture, painting, poetry, and photography. Born in Romania in 1925, in 1947, she graduated the "Guguianu" Academy, painting department, and, in 1954, the "Nicolae Grigorescu" Fine Arts Institute from Bucharest, sculpture department. In 1961, she emigrated in Israel.
        The studying period and the works presented in the official exhibitions in her first creative interval show a talented, powerful artist who is open to understand the neoclassical balance of the New Man`s ideal. The youth and the vigour of the characters carved in stone, opposed to the expressionist images of the modelled beings, are, however, facets of the same actor: Man.
        Sonia Natra`s anthropomorphic work is inspired by the affinity of the inner states´ intensity with the outer forms. The expressionist nature is a result of the awareness that pain is part of the human destiny’s reality.

Andreea Foanene (2014)