PARASCHIV, Alexandru



          A Romanian artist whose destiny showed him a following path to another country than the one he was born in, Alexandru Paraschiv made known Romania’s name across its borders through an activity often noticed and recognized in international festivals and creative symposia. However, the sculptor remains profoundly attached to his place of origin where he periodically returns with his new creations which he exhibits in museums and Romanian galleries. Unique in his way through the choices of subjects and through his vision, Alexandru Paraschiv continuously experiments, not settling only for sculpture, but also approaching other classical and contemporary genres such as photography, instalment or the new media. Nevertheless, in sculpture, Paraschiv fully experiences the influence exerted by the age of the places of origin, so that, by a symbolic return in an auroral époque, he tries to suggest through the means of the contemporary artist the simplicity of archaic forms. From the gesture itself of modelling clay, reiterated by the sculptor, to the composition of his works that send to the essence and power of suggestion of prehistoric art, 
Alexandru Paraschiv has planned to restore a long path to which he adds new meanings.

Luiza Barcan(2014)



    (1957, Calarasi; currently lives in France)
    Academic studies:
    1983 - "Nicolae Grigorescu" Institute of Fine Arts, under the guidance of Professor Paul Vasilescu, Bucharest, Romania.
    1986 - 1988 - Scholarship awarded by the "Dimitrie Paciurea" Workshop.
    Member of the Association of Artists in France "La maison des Artistes". 


    Solo exhibitions:
    1991 - Gallery "Orizont", Bucharest, Romania;
    1992 – 43 Gallery, Issy les Moulineaux, France;
    1993 - Stigliani Chantal - Chevrillon Workshop, Paris, France;
    1994 - Romanian Cultural Centre, Paris, France;
    1998 - Romanian Cultural Centre, Paris, France;
               - Megeve, France;
    2000 - "Thuillier" Gallery, Paris, France;
    2001 - Colisee IV, Paris, France;
    2005 - "Thuillier" Gallery, Seillans, Paris, France;
    2007 - Art and Magic, Dunarea de Jos Museum, Calarasi, Romania;
               - 50 ans pour l'art, Grasse, France;
               - Brasov, Romania;
    2008 - Art and Magic, Garonne, France;
                - Art and Magic, Grasse, France;
                - Art and Magic, Art Gallery (Elena Velikova), Rousse, Silistra Art Gallery (Yordan Kissiov), Bulgaria;
    2009 - Art and Magic, Ploiesti Art Museum, Ploiesti, Romania;
               - "Alexander Paraskevi"Sculpture and Graphics Exhibition, Ploiest Art Museum, Ploiesti, held by: Dunarea de Jos Museum in Calarasi, "Ion Ionescu-Quintus"  Prahova County Museum of Art and Prahova County Council, Ploiesti, Romania;
               - Art beyond magic, sculpture, graphics and painting exhibition, "Alexander Ciucurencu" Hall in the Art Museum, Constanta, exhibition held in collaboration with the Dunarea de Jos Museum in Calarasi, Constanta, Romania;
    2010 - "Alexander Paraskevi" Sculpture and Graphics Exhibition, curator: Gheorghe Miron, "Ioan Simon Mărculescu" Hall in the Visual Arts Museum, Galati, Romania.
    Group exhibitions:
    1981, 1984, 1985 - Republican Exhibition, "Dalles" Hall, Bucharest, Romania;
    1983 - Animal Sculpture, Art House, Bucharest, Romania;
    1985, 1986 - Small Sculpture Exhibition, "Horizon" Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
    1986 - Sculpture, Drawing and Painting Biennale, Bucharest, Romania;
    1987 - Municipal Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania;
    1988 - Sculpture and Painting Biennial, Bucharest, Romania;
    1989, 1990, 1992 - Republican Youth Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania;
    1992 - "South 92" Sculpture Biennale, Issy les Moulineaux, France;
    1997 - Artists Exhibition, Napoleon Museum, Cap d'Antibes, France;
    1999, 2000 - Autumn Salon, Paris, France;
    2000 - Sculpture Exhibition, Paris, France;
    1983 - Piatra Neamt Sculpture Camp, Romania;
    1984 - Magura Buzau Sculpture Camp, Romania;
    1985 - Casoaia Monumental Sculpture Camp, Arad, Romania;
    1987 - Salistea Sculpture Camp, Sibiu, Romania;
    1996 - Kitakyushu, Japan;
    1997 - Fujimi, Japan;
    2007 - Niigatha, U.S. .;
               - " Christian Danube and Dobrogea " International Creative Contemporary Painting and Sculpture Camp, Dervent, Constanta, Romania;
    2008 - Ostrov, Constanta, Romania;
                - " Christian Danube and Dobrogea " International Creative Contemporary Painting and Sculpture Camp, Dervent, Constanta, Romania.
      Monumental works:
    1996 - Couple (stone), Kyushu University, Japan;
    1997 - Fujimikogen, Japan;
    2008 - 2009 - Ostrov, Constanta, Romania;
    2007 – The Wiseman (stone), Niigata City, Texas, USA
    Works in private collections in the UK, Austria, Canada, France, Japan, USA.
    Awards and honors:
    2007 - First Prize, Festival d'Art contemporain, Palm d'Art Cannes, Monaco;
    ? - First Prize in the International Competition in Monaco;
    ? - Award of Excellence at the first International Sculpture Competition in Kitakyushu, Japan.


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