Subscribing to the genuine tradition of modern sculpture, Slavenca Petre integrates in the bronze volumes emotions and personal impressions. The artist melts in the bodies of her works contradictory effects, inspired by conflicting dialogues between traditional craftsmanship and the functional elegance of modern machinery. The recall of the profoundly archetypal message, typical for folk arts, is evoked both in synthetic elements and in the titles of the artist`s works.

Andreea Foanene (2014)



    (Moldova Noua, Caras Severin, 1968)
    Academic Studies:
    1992 - 1998 - Faculty of Arts and Design, Sculpture Department, West University of Timisoara, Romania;
    2001 - 2002 - Masters degree, Faculty of Arts and Design, Sculpture Department, West University of Timisoara, Romania.
    Since 1999 - Member of Romanian Fine Arts Union (Timisoara Branch)
    Since 2002 - Member of the Artistic Group Dor 


    Solo Exhibitions:
    1998 - "Rimini" Art Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
    1998, 2000 - Eminesciana, "Helios" Gallery, "Orchid" Art Center, Timisoara, Romania;
    2000 - Politenhic Center, Timisoara, Romania;
             - "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
    2001 - Principle and Value, "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
    2002 - Signs of Passage, Timisoara, Romania;
    2003 - Medical Centre "Hippocrates", Timisoara, Romania;
             - 7 to the minute, German Cultural Centre, Timisoara, Romania.
    Group Exhibitions*:
    1994 - Participates in most group exhibitions held by the Romanian Fine Arts Union - Timisoara Branch;
    1993 - 1997 - Student Festival in Timisoara (StudentFest), Timisoara, Romania;
    1994, 1998 - Exhibition held at the Faculty of Arts and Design, Timisoara, Romania;
    1996 - Group Sculpture Exhibition, "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
    1997 - 1999 - National Art Exhibition, Resita, Romania;
    1998 - International Sculpture Biennale, Delta, Arad, Romania;
    1998 - 2002 - Winter Exhibition of the Artists of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania;
    1998 - ArMedica Exhibition, Exhibition Centers in Arad, Romania;
             - Annual Sculpture Exhibition, Resita, Romania;
             - West University of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania;
    1998 - 2001 - Winter Fair, Timisoara, Romania;
    1998, 2000 - National Small Sculpture Biennial, Arad, Romania;
    1999 - `99 Eclipse, themed exhibition, Arad, Romania;
    1999, 2000 - Revelation and Angels, themed exhibition, Timisoara, Romania; Catholic Cathedral, Timisoara, Romania;
    2000 - "Orchid" Art Center, Timisoara, Romania;
    2001 - Mosaic, "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
             - "Triads" Art Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
             - Verdi`s Hommage, Rome, Italy;
    2002 - HV Bank, Timisoara, Romania;
             - Plein Air `02, group exhibition of painting, graphic and sculpture of participants in the International Colony "Plein Air `02", XXIInd edition, Csongrád, Hungary, "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, 2012;
    2003 - International Bronze Sculpture Exhibition Camp (editions from 2000 to 2002), Passau, Germany;
             - Brancusiana National Art Exhibition, 1st edition, Targu Jiu, Romania;
             - Artists of East and West, Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania;
             - Banca Tiriac, Timisoara, Romania;
    2004 - Sign, curator: Corneliu Antim, "Artis" Gallery, National Theatre (downstairs), Bucharest, Romania (along with Nora Blaj Demetrescu);
             - Arts, Painting, Sculpture and Collages Exhibition, in the event "Third Romanian Cultural weekend" held by RO - CHance, Villa Stucki, Bern, Switzerland (other Romanian artists: Adriana Lucaciu, Ana Adam, Doina Mihailescu, Daniela Oravitan - painting, Linda Saskia Menczel - sculpture);
    2009 - De Magister - In memoriam Péter Jecza, organizers: the Romanian Fine Arts Union - Timişoara Branch, in partnership with the Interart TRIADE, "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania (other artists: Horia Bojin, Delia Corban, Denisa Court, Corina Holhos, Remus Irimescu, Gabriel Kelemen, Stefan Kelemen, Ciprian Lauko, Linda Menczel, Cosmin Moldovan, Miruna Moraru, Bogdan Rata, Ligia Seculici Florin Sidau, Nada Stojic, Anca Serban, Attila Tamas, Marius Tanase, Laura Teculescu, Rudolf Varna);  
    2014 - Konst Ut och In (Art Inside Out), Studio 5, Sweden;
    Dor Group Exhibitions:
    2001 - Nuremberg, Germany;
    2002 - KunstWerk - Rattelsdorf, Germany;
             - "Studio 13", Bamberg, Germany;
             - Raiffeisenbank, Neumarkt, Germany;
             - Parsberg Castle, Germany;
             - Bamberg, Germany;
             - Giechburg, Germany;
    2003 - Giechburg Castle, Bamberg, Germany;
             - Bamberg - Sparkasse, Germany;
             - Colping Hotel Frankfurt, Germany;
             - Freistadt, Germany;
             - Villa Leon, Nuremberg, Germany;
             - DOR Group Exhibition, "Helios" Art Gallery, Timisoara, Romania.
    * Group exhibitions: 2002 - Szeged, Hungary; Csongrád, Hungary.
    Monumental Artworks:
    ? - The Nation`s Verticality Monument, Calea Martirilor, no. 51/45, Timisoara, Romania;
    1998 - Dumitru Palalau (artist; portrait), Timisoara, Romania;
    2003 - Blessing, "Hippocrates" Medical Center, Timisoara, Romania;
             - Myriapod, Outdoor Sculpture Park, Lesencetomaj - Balaton, Hungary;
             - Graven Image, Outdoor Sculpture Park, Lesencetomaj - Balaton, Hungary;
             - PAN`s flute, Bamberg City Hall, Germany.
    1997 - Mace Creation Camp, Arad;
    2002 - International Symposium of Sculpture in Bronze, Csongrád, Hungary;
             - International Outdoor Sculpture Camp, Csongrád, Hungary;
    2003 - International Art Symposium, Regiment, Romania;
             - International Art Symposium, Lesencetomaj - Balaton, Hungary;
             - Artists of East and West, the International Symposium of Contemporary Art in Carei, Romania.
    Work in private collections from Romania, Cyprus, USA, Germany, UK, Hungary, and Switzerland.
    Prizes and Awards:
    2003 - Nominated for "Best Romanian sculptor of 2002" by the Romanian Fine Arts Union.


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