One of the most vibrant artistic personalities of the young generation, Virgil Scripcariu has prevailed in contemporary sculpture through his genuine vocation, a talent coupled with intelligence and prolific imagination, through a playful, solar and positive spirit that makes matter go round in its way to be part of the artistic object.
Virgil Scripcariu is inclined to conquer the public space through his ingenious three dimensional representations, equally rooted in tradition and spirituality, but also using contemporary means of expression. Undaunted by any sort of material, Scripcariu experiments in the spirit of his generation the expressive and representative possibilities of unconventional materials. The constant appeal to biblical and mythological themes, approached with great freedom and contagious serenity make Virgil Scripcariu an artist for whom, above all, the artefact has to communicate a message, a feeling, a memorable idea. Virgil Scripcariu’s extrovert art conquers and ennobles the public space that is often trivialized by the indifference of the ones that pass through it / inhabit it.

Luiza Barcan (2014)