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Galeria DAS ART, Strada Cozia, Nr. 45, Timișoara, România



        The initial technical conduct typical of the artist is represented by the informal specificity, particular of the expressionist - abstract painting practiced / conducted. The influence of the innovative view taken on by artists such as Romul Nuţiu becomes a source of inspiration for the ones found in his creative proximity. The assemblies and the instalments conceived by the artist Adriana Tomici are presented to the public with the occasion of the TransfiGURAre (TransfiGURAtion) exhibition, in 2012, at Calina Gallery in Timisoara. Seduced by the expressive dimension of some household items, the artist recovers them, reinvesting them with new meanings. The three dimensional anthropomorphic objects, vividly coloured, reconfigure a version of reality in which the annulment of the claim of a functional facet makes room for a role play that is expressive through its dynamic chromatics. The anthropomorphic assemblies constitute a dialogue between the forms of modernity, where the joy of abundance raises question marks to the limits of excess. 

Andreea Foanene (2014)



    (Moldova Noua, Caras-Severin, 1957)
    Academic studies:
    1977 - 1982 - Faculty of Chemistry, Traian Vuia Politechnic Institute, Timisoara, Romania;
    1992 - 1998 - Faculty of Arts, West University of Timisoara, Romania.
     Member of the Romanian Fine Artists Union (Timisoara Branch)


    Personal exhibitions: 
    1998 - Exhibition of Painting and Object Painting, Art Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
    2000 - Restorations (glass icons), Club Art, Radio-Romanian Television, Timisoara, Romania;
             - Mioritik Space (instalments, object-painting), "Helios" Gallery, Timişoara, România;
    2001 - Sublimated Complexes (instalments, object-painting, silk painting), "Apollo" Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
             - Window Icon (glass painting), Gong Club, Timisoara, Romania;
    2002 - Going Forward!, "Helios" Gallery, Timişoara, România;
             - Icon, Timisoara Town Hall, Romania;
    2003 - Twisted Pictograms, "Helios" Gallery, Timişoara, România;
    2004 - Aditti (painting), Ion Ţiriac Bank, Timisoara, Romania;
    2005 - Painting Exhibition, The Administrative Palace Timisoara, Romania;
    2006 - Siemens Business Solutions, Timisoara, Romania;
             - I Painted My Soul With Red ..., "Helios" Gallery, Timişoara, România;
             - "Mostovi Balkana" Gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia;
             - Semenic Hotel, Resita, Romania;
    2007 - The Drawer for Nice People, "Cărtureşti" Bookshop, Timisoara, Romania;
             - Hai-hui with the Thistle Crossroad, Direction for Culture, Cults and Patrimony of the Caras-Severin County, Resita, Romania;
    2009 - Home," SPACE PHILOSOPHY" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
             - Meeting of Friends, Debrecen, Hungary;
             - Giving Away the Bride, "D’AS ART" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
    2010 - Look How I am Staring at the Sky!, Days of Serbian Culture in Timisoara, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, 
    2012 - TransfiGURAre, "Calina" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania.

    Group exhibitions*: 
    1991 - "Buzunar" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
    1993 - Art Library, Timisoara, Romania;
             - The French Cultural Centre, Timisoara, Romania;
    1994 - StudentFest, Museum of Banat, Timisoara, Romania;
    1997 - Museum of Banat, Timisoara, Romania;
             - The "Dumitru și Alice Rosetti-Tescanu-George Enescu" Cultural Center, Tescani, Bacau, Romania; 
             - "Profan" Gallery, Elst, Olanda;
    1999 - Drawing Biennale, "Delta" Gallery, Arad, Romania; 
    1998, 1999 - The International Salon of Fine Arts, Resita, Romania;
    1998 - 2006 - The Annual Salon of Plastic Arts, "Helios" Gallery and the Museum of Banat, Timisoara, Romania;
    2000 - The Christmas Salon, "Tenta’Art" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
    2001 - Attitude, "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania; 
             - The National Salon of Fine Arts, RomExpo, Bucharest, Romania;
    2002 - Book as Object, Interart Triade Foundation, Timisoara, Romania;
    2002, 2003 - The Christmas Salon, "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania;
    2003 - Anniversary Exhibition - 10 Years in Romania, Ion Ţiriac Bank, Timisoara, Romania; 
    2004 - 26 Artists from Timisoara, Budapest, Hungary;
             - Teremia Mare - Reality and Plastic Sign, Teremia Mare, Timis, Romania;
             - Nude in Art, "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania; 
             - 26 Artists from Timisoara, Nyíregyháza, Hungary;
             - Expozodiac - The EXPOVEST Exhibiting Pavilion - Timisoara, Romania;
             - Ion Ţiriac Bank, Timisoara, Romania;
             - Light, Museum of Banat Timisoara (Romania) and Seghedin (Hungary);
             - "Geraldes da Silva" Gallery, Porto, Portugal;
    2005 - The Belem Municipal Library, Lisbon, Portugal;
             - "Pécsi" Gallery, Pecs, Hungary;
             - Camp from Carasova, Mountainous Museum of Banat, Resita, Romania;
             - Camp from Dorobanţi. 2001-2005, Museum of Banat, Timisoara, Romania;
             - The Balkan Bridges, "ACDI/VOCA" Gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia and Montenegro;
             - Camp from Calacea 2005, Administrative Palace from Timisoara, Romania;
    2006 - Scene and/in Visual Arts, National Theatre and National Opera from Timisoara, Romania; 
             - Serbian Union from Romania, Timisoara, Romania;
             - Days of Painting from Timisoara, Maxivision Screens, Union Square and the "Bega" Commercial Centre, 
             - The Book Museum from Dresden, Germany;
             - Maternity, Museum of Art, Timisoara, Romania;
             - Camp from Calacea 2006, The Administrative Palace from Timisoara and Semenic Hotel from Resita, 
             - International Painting Salon - Carbunari 2006, Florean Museum, Baia Mare, Romania;
    2008 - Szentivaneji Szepasszonyok, Budapest, Hungary;
             - Serbian Culture Days, "Beli Bagrem" Association, Romanian National Opera from Timisoara, Romania;
             - Master and Disciple, The Administrative Palace of the Timis County Council, Romania;
             - "Agora" Gallery, Resita, Romania;
             - Orient Express 125, Budapest, Hungary;
             - 20 Years since the Romanian Revolution Commemorated by Fine Artists from Timisoara, Timisoara, 
    2009 - Absurd in Visual Arts, Timisoara (Romania), Budapest and Seghedin (Romania);
    2012 - The Bee, Timisoara, Romania;
             - The Praise of the Muses and of Their Meeting Place, Museum of Art, Timișoara, Romania;
    2014 - Timisoara of Yesterday and of Today,"Helios" Gallery, Timisoara, Romania. 

    1996 - Ciclova, Caras Severin, Romania;
             - Putna, Suceava, Romania;
             - Fine Arts Symposium, Tescani, Bacau, Romania;
    2000 - Rusalka, Bulgaria;
    2001 - Rusenski Lom Danube, Pirgovo, Ruse, Bulgaria;
    2003 - Teremia Mare, Timis, Romania;
    2004 - Sculpture Symposium from Lesencetomaj, Hungary;
             - Sculpture Symposium from Garana, Caras Severin, Romania;
             - Valiug, Caras Severin, Romania;
    2004 - 2007 - Baile Calacea, Timis, Romania (organizer of the 4th edition);
    2005 - Carasova, Caras Severin, Romania;
             - Dorobanti, Arad, Romania;
             - The Balkan Bridges, Kragujevac, Serbia and Muntenegru;
             - No Name Symposium, Haus Atelier Brandner, Niklasdorf, Austria;
    2006 - Crivaia, Caras Severin, Romania;
    2007 - Gyula-Abádszalók, Hungary; 
             - Carasova, Caras-Severin (organizer: The Croatian Union from Romania); 
    2008 - Baile Calacea, Romania;
    2008, 2009, 2011 - Deliblata, Pancevo, Serbia;
    2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 - Nyiradonyi, Hungary;
    2008, 2010, 2013 - Valiug, Caras-Severin, Romania;
    2010 - Hajduboszormeny, Hungary;
    2012 - Veliko Gradiste, Serbia;
             - Baile Herculane, Caras-Severin, Romania;
    2013 - Cinciș, Hunedoara, Romania.

    Art salons:
    Timisoara, Arad, Resita, Bucharest, Baia Mare, Plovdiv.

    Titles and awards:
    2005 - 2nd Place at the International Poszt Painting Competition, Pecs, Hungary.

    * Group Exhibitions: 2000 - Rusalka, Bulgaria; Plovdiv, Bulgaria; 2001 - Ivanovo, Bulgaria; 2004 - Tapolcza, Hungary; 2005 - Tomar, Portugal; 2007 - Gyula - Abádszalók, Hungary; 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 - Nyiradonyi, Hungary.


    The artist’s archive
    Web sources:

    Marincu, Diana (art critic , the curator of the exhibition), fragment taken from the presentation text published in the Catalogue of the TransfiGURAre personal exhibition, "Calina" Gallery, Timisoara, 2012.
    Bibliography and critical references:
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