Beti Vervega populates space with instalments composed of plexiglass circular shapes which develop spontaneous compositions, clear of any graphic details. The symbol of personal geography, the hand, represents the connection between people, the acronym of dialogue. In the form of a puzzle composed of colour spots, gestures, stone column grids, the motif of the simplified hand dates back in 2000, when, after a trip to Africa, Beti discovers a new chromatic and an essentialized style. The Step series represents a new beginning, the road to the others, a gateway to the others’ acceptance. The hand becomes an extension of the soul to love, a gesture of gentleness, patience, dedication and forgiveness. The canvass assemblies of various formats generate symbol-stories, under the moral imperative: musical-hand, sensitivity-hand, wing-hand. The exhibiting groups contour paths of communication through gestures and chromatic energies.

Raluca Băloiu (2014)