Artist of the new generation of sculptors trained at the National University of Arts, Gabriela Tofan subscribes through her preoccupations and approaches, cultivated since her college years, in the classic direction, in a larger sense. Less attracted to experimenting, but rather to nature studies, Gabriela Tofan plastically studies human anatomy and portrait, letting herself become fascinated with the shapes born from archaic art (Etruscan, Egyptian, Roman), particularly from the Renaissance art, and the Baroque one. For that matter, her compositions follow a contemporary re-contextualization of the body and face perfection, so it was once valued by the precursor sculptors. Gabriela Tofan works in gypsum and in plaster, seldom in definitive materials, therefore suggesting the continuity of the study idea and she thoroughly insists, in this stage of creation on the anatomical and physiognomic expression.

Luiza Barcan (2014)