(Iasi, 1971)

Academic studies:
1990 - 1996 - “George Enescu” Arts University, Decorative and Design, Painting department, prof. Corneliu Ionescu, Iasi, Romania;
2004 - 2006 - MFA at “George Enescu” Arts University, Iasi, Romania;
2005 - 2007 - “George Enescu” Arts University, Graphics-Photo-Video department, Iasi, Romania;
2005 - 2008 - PhD in Visual Arts at “West University”, Timisoara, Romania.

Professional activity:
 - Lecturer at “George Enescu” Arts University, Arts and Design Faculty, Iasi, Romania.


Solo exhibitions:
1998 - Self-Selves, Cupola Gallery, Iasi, Romania;
2001 - The Power is in My Hand, Centre Culturel de Tinqueux - Reims, France (artist-in-residence);
2002 - Performance, Cupola Gallery, Iasi, Romania;
2004 - The Speosophy of Art, Vector Gallery, Iasi, Romania;
2006 - SupraOM, Aparte Gallery of “George Enescu” Arts University, Iasi, Romania;
2006 - Exercises for transfiguration of the commonplace, U.A.P. Galleries, Iasi, Romania.

Group exhibitions (paintings, installations, performances, photographies):
1990 - “Trianon” Gallery, Iasi, Romania;
1993, 1994 - Stud Fest, Timisoara, Romania;
1994 - “Mihai Eminescu” Museum, Iasi, Romania;
1998 - INTERMEDIART Biennial, Oradea, Bihor County, Romania;
1999 - At Home, French Cultural Centre, Iasi, Romania;
         - Artificial, Trianon Gallery, Iasi, Romania;
         - Forms & Attitudes, Arta Gallery, Sibiu, Romania;
         - My First Postmodern Day, ANNART Living Art Festival, St. Lake, Romania;
         - PERIFERIC 3 Festival, Iasi, Romania;
2000 - Bridge, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Exhibition Gallery, Japan;
         - PERIFERIC 4 Festival, Iasi, Romania;
         - Via Bucharest, Eforie Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
2001 - FRONTIERA Festival 2, Public Bath, Iasi, Romania;
         - PERIFERIC 5 Festival, Iasi, Romania;
         - 480 Minutes, Iasi, Romania;
         - FRONTIERA Festival 1, Righton Gallery, Manchester, U.K.;
2002 - vector, Eforie Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
2003 - Full Moon Nights, French Cultural Center, Iasi, Romania;
2004 - Rhetorical Situations, Cupola Gallery, Iasi, Romania;
2005 - Staging Idioms. A documentary installation, part of the project “Private Investigations. Research, Acquisition and Processing of Knowledge in Contemporary Art Practices”, an exhibition and a series of discussions curated by Andrei Siclodi and Ingeborg Erhart, in cooperation with Jan van Eyck Academie Stadtturmgalerie, Innsbruck, Austria;
         - Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel;
2007 - Ex Orbis: In the Middle of Nowhere, curator Cristian Nae, The Fish Gallery, Constanta, Romania;
         - Deplacements, curator Catalin Gheorge and Cristian Nae, French Cultral Center, Iasi, Romania;
         - Center of modern and contemporan art “Constantin Brancusi”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova;
2008 - Expérience Pommery # 5, organized by de Beaux Arts Magazine, curator Fabrice Bousteau, Domaine Pommery, France;
2009 - Not For Sale Collection, curator Catalin Gheorghe, International Contemporary Art Center, The Ark Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.
         - Erotica, U.A.P. Galleries, Iasi, Romania;
2010 - The Drawing (Desenul), U.A.P. Galleries, Iasi, Romania;
         - VIDEOZONE Festival, CCA Tel Aviv, Israel;
2011 - PREVIEW BERLIN - The Emerging Art Fair, curator - Catalin Gheorghe, Tempellhof Airport, Berlin, Germany;
         - Exhibition as ( micro) city ( Expoziţia ca (micro) oraş), curator - Catalin Gheorghe, Luceafarul Theater, Iasi, Romania;
         - The Other Body (Celălalt Corp), curator - Petru Lucaci, “Victoria Art Center” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
         - Erotica, curator - Dragos Patrascu, U.A.P. Galleries, Iasi, Romania;
         - Body Under Surveillance (Corpul supravegheat), curator - Petru Lucaci, “Victoria Art Center” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
2012 - Fake It (Limited Edition), curator - Horea Avram, Paintbrush Factory, „Intact Space”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;
         - Inventica 2012, U.A.P. Galleries, Iasi, Romania;
         - Erotica, curator - Dragos Patrascu, U.A.P. Galleries, Iasi, Romania;
2013 - International Ceramics Biennale The story of painting, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Artworks in private collections: Romania, France, Canada, USA, Italy, Greece.

Awards and prizes:
1989 - Graphic Award at “Excelsior” Camp, Cluj, Romania;
1999 - Painting Award at “ArtIS” Yearly Saloon of Fine Arts Union, Iasi, Romania;
2003 - Special award at first edition of Photographic Art Saloon in Iasi, Romania;
2005 - Award for the video “Geographic Aerobics” in the frame of “Eurobarometru vizual” Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania;
2006, 2009 - Multimedia Award at “ArtIS” Yearly Saloon of Fine Arts Union, Iasi, Romania.


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