His most complete exhibition is the one in 1990, where he appears to be mature spiritually and artistically, with an universe animated by the idea of “a space where luck fulfils”, authentic and at the same time marked by understanding the becoming of the human being in the archaic space of the Romanian village. Revealing deep meaning, either hidden of forgotten, Bocu shows not only an ancestral world, but also himself in his unique spirituality. In that space everything carries out wisely. The organic synthesis discretely sweetens the harshness of the contrasts, giving the dynamic of life and raising the image at the level of emblem. His work, appeared after the explosive experiments of the 70s generation  (Apostu, Chende, Roman, Maitec) pinpoints the depth of the essences, using a real knowledge of the material, either wood or stone. His works are exhibited in prestigious museum collections in Cluj, Arad, and in private collections in the country and abroad. Bocu’s work is valuable by its impressive poetic reasonableness, sign of an authentic and harmonious plastic language; it develops in an original manner persuasive original features of the Romanian sculpture.

Alexandra Rus



    (Beiuș, 1948)

    Academic studies:
    1966 - 1972 - „Ion Andreescu” Institute of Plastic Arts, Cluj-Napoca;
    Professor at the Art High-school, Arad and Cluj-Napoca.


    Solo exhibitions:
    1974, 1976, 1977 –Alfa Hall, Arad;
    1980 – Tribuna and Filo Galleries, Cluj;
    1990 - Cluj-Napoca.

    Group exhibitions:
    1973 – Plastic Artists Union, Arad;
    1974 - Yugoslavia;
    1976 - Germany;
    1977 - Hungary.

    1979 - Conglomerate, Măgura Buzăului.

    1970,  1973 – Student spring, Bucharest, Iaşi și Cluj-Napoca.


    Fundația Culturală META, Un secol de sculptură românească. Dicționar A-D. Colecția Sinteze, Editura META, 2001, 67.