SPĂTARU, Mircea Corneliu


          As a mobile spirit, in a continuous search for new spatial expressions, the sculptor resorts to the evocative ways of the abstract sign, one by one - derived from the significant reference functions of the milestone or of the funeral stone - and to the unequivocal figurative composition. A special place among the works with a particular expressive load that incorporate the historic allusion is taken by his preoccupation for representing Nicolae Balcescu (a Bălcescu monument was placed, in 1979, at the Romanian Cristuru). Evolving on the path of a prestigious tradition of the statuary, the sculptor develops dynamic relationships between volumes, he follows a certain compositional tension from which, a directed vector - emerges from the spiritual individuality of the great-character that is a historian and a scholar. The same dramatic nature, that breaks the patterns more than once, the 
seeming discontinuity being in fact dictated by the subtle general compositional laws, can be encountered in the recent statues dedicated to the ruler Alexandru cel Bun, in Bacau, of the political figure Iuliu Maniu in Bucharest etc. The sculptor is the author of some porcelain works as well, in which the abstract discourse of the volumes is sometimes doubled by inscriptions, by the letters of his name, a conceptual note being brought into the composition.

Constantin Prut (2014)
Dicționar de artă modernă și contemporană, ediție în curs de apariție la Editura Polirom, Iași, 2015