As a sculptor educated in the ninth decade of the twentieth century, in the class of Professor Vasile Gorduz, Cătălin Udrea made a spectacular debut among his fellow colleagues by signing thrilling / exciting public forum works, placed in urban areas with intense traffic. A true calling for monumentality and for the human body addressed in traditional manner has been visible / palpable in all his works since the beginning. The rigour with which he makes up the anatomy, sustained by an inspired model have led to a better communication between Udrea’s sculpture and the receiving public. However, as time went on, the artist experimented with many types of materials, sometimes unconventional, with remarkable aesthetic results. Cătălin Udrea is an inquisitive mind and a sculptor for whom any type of form stylization and any kind of (post)modern approach are founded, among the study of anatomy, on a constant appeal to literary sources.

Luiza Barcan (2014)