Metaphysical characters on which signs from the mythological complex are leaning contour stories in images. The metaphor of solitude - the three days spent by Iona in the filler’s belly - becomes the Christian metaphor by adding to it the ichthys symbol. The Threshold, the defining title for a series of works, represents the passing of the soul, on Lethe’s and Acheron’s waters, or the personal transformation. Thoughts, feeling, moods are transposed in sandstone, Zmic’s (the acronym of the artist) favourite material. Every gesture on the surface of the tiles remains imprinted in the material’s memory. Very docile, the sandstone subjects itself to the ceramist’s fingerprinting, modelling its epidermis. Gavril Zmicală microscopically observes the structure of microorganisms in order to transpose them afterwards into minimalist shapes and in games of glazes.

Raluca Băloiu (2014)