As a complete sculptor who is no stranger to any material, who carves and models with equal passion, Traian Postelnicu became known in contemporary art through the sustained activity of a sculptor and restorer, of an author of public forum works dedicated to various personalities (Ionel Perlea, Anastasia Popescu) or, for example, through personifying Romanian tennis in a fragile bronze composition, firmly gaining momentum. As a small fine art author, Traian Postelnicu addresses a wide variety of subjects, from mythology and folklore to representations of religious origin. He realises ronde bossem works, but he creates reliefs, diptychs and triptychs with Christian topic as well. His forms are synthetic and, no matter if he works in stone, metal or bronze, the sculptor polishes the surfaces, paying attention to the expressivity of textures. The approach of human anatomy in forms that are frequently synthetic and stylized remains a constant preoccupation of his.

Luiza Barcan (2014)