Disarmingly retractile, but unanimously appreciated as a laborer in the studio during his studies, imaginative poetry, animal style originality patched on the poverism of the materials, Răduţă is an excellent generator of images of a new era in our figurative sculpture. In his early exhibition, in 2002, he manufactured the lofty insectarium-chests with a honeycomb background, from hundreds of fish bones. After that, the nestlings, the little mice, the shy dogs and the flake series followed. Whatever he gets his hands on, he shapes with his intuitive target for translucent and parabolic. As a guild test, he tamed the dűrerian tank, The Rhino. There’s nothing agressive or strange in that - of what is behaving obsessively - but playful joviality and resourceful attachment to Nature’s bazaar. More recently, the Byzantine stylings of the gigantesque palm or the agobate garments send us to the cultural inventory. However, in Răduţă’s statuary there’s room for the fragileness, the softness, the feather’s imponderability or for the hypertrophied detail, such as the thorn.

Aurelia Mocanu (2014)