Being a sculptor of the intermediate / middle generation, an artist with diverse / various pursuits and mastering the classic sculpture techniques, modelling and carving, Ovidiu Nicolae Popa is, however, open / tempted to work with nonconventional materials. Committed to / dedicated to the level of stylized expression and of form dematerialization, he finely takes advantage of surfaces and creates textures and glides with a visual suggestion force. He is both familiar with public forum works, as well as small sculpture. The subject of religion becomes an increasingly stronger concern in his art, in direct connection with meditation on human condition, on the correlation between the sacred and the profane, between the ephemeral / ephemerality / evanescence and eternity. Ovidiu Nicolae Popa’s sculpture, having reached full maturity, supports itself on the study of anatomy, of nature and on a careful search of the essences, at the expense of appearances and of any free / candid plasticity.

Luiza Barcan (2014)