The young painter from Cluj is one of the few artists from his generation that imposed their name abroad, in the United States of America, especially through a completely non-conformist spirit and through refusing any type of aesthetic restriction. Mircea Suciu is interested in recent history, especially of the fifth and sixth decades, but also in the final moments of the Ceausescu period, these representing the favourite themes of his art, painting, and rather seldom, sculpture-instalment, meaning a three-dimensional approach of the socio-historic dramas suffered by a country condemned to 50 years of communism. Mircea Suciu’s representations 
circumscribe to the young generation’s hyperrealism, but his inspiration sources come equally from classic and modern art. The instalment with the execution of the Ceausesc couple subscribes to the tragic-grotesque register and it represents an acid commentary of the artist.

Luiza Barcan (2014)