ŢĂRAN, Lucian




        One of the most original and exciting contemporary plastic expressions is the one of the sculptor Lucian Ţăran, the artist who chose with complete conviction to handle one of the oldest and the most symbol bearing materials: clay. As an atypical sculptor, being hardly interested in materials that require carving interventions, Lucian Ţăran models with passion and overflowing imagination, passing the clay through the traditional processing and burning techniques, colouring it with vivacity. The concept of "sculptural ceramics" finds in his case a fulfilment in creative stages structured depending on the choice of motifs.
          Lucian Ţăran’s universe is surreal and "funambulistic", animated by an exuberant imagination. The human-animalistic portraits of the artist communicate directly with the viewer, suggesting a playful spirit and a contagious humour and they betray the sculptor’s most serious interest in the stylistic proposals of the archaic times. Lucian Ţăran inspiringly blends portraits that remind of the Egyptian art, of the Greek art, of the Far East ancient art. No kind of dimension represents a problem for the artist. From miniature to monumental, his sculpture passes through with equal expressive force.

Luiza Barcan (2014)